The R-Trifecta Challenge is a consultation program built specifically for HVAC owners. Through the coaching of Mike Wheeler, an HVAC owner with over 30 years of experience, you will learn the details of the three Rs - Revenue, Relief, and Rise. These Rs will be major categories covering numerous vital techniques and strategies I use to ensure success in my HVAC business, no matter the problems I face. The R-Trifecta is tailor-made to each individual, we make sure that the program is molded to best suit the needs of each of our clients.


When covering the first R, Revenue, I'll be showing you how to acquire HVAC equipment as cheap and efficiently as possible, how to acquire fast and profitable leads, how to make sure you properly prepare and conquer your slow seasons. Revenue is the key to success in business, learning to find a stride in your revenue lays the foundation for your path to that easy-going, yet highly successful lifestyle you are striving for. With our proven process we will assist you in finding and generating more leads much faster and easier than before. Our program will help you find sound leads that actually follow through, instead of falling flat - leading to more revenue. By using our tested R-Trifecta program you will find yourself earning up to six to seven figures in the first few months.  


The second R, Relief, will be where I show you how to finally kick your feet up and automate quintessential programs and processes so that you don't have to waste time performing tedious tasks. For instance, the hiring process is a consistent headache in the HVAC industry. Finding qualified technicians that are efficient workers is a difficult task, but I can show you how to find great workers fast! Our team has searched and tested dozens of programs and software that can take your tedious busy work and simplify it by the click of a button. Following the steps laid out in the R-Trifecta will help you digitize all of those small pestering tasks. This will simplify the things that you have delegated useful employees for, opening up more opportunities among your staff.   


The final R, Rise, is where I will help you formulate tailor-made routines to ensure continued success even after our training is over. There are daily tasks that every HVAC owner should know about that will make sure you have the foresight to stop problems before they ever happen. When you wake up every morning, you should have a shortlist of tasks that will help prepare you for the day ahead! This includes routines that benefit the mind and the body, keeping you in the shape you need to stay comfortable but diligent at work and in your home life. Keeping yourself well is quintessential to your success. I want to see you rise up above all your challenges - sharing my routines will help you keep a steady mindset and conquer the things that threaten your success.  The R-Trifecta is as much about your wellbeing as it is your business'. Being in a good headspace will lead to overall more growth for yourself, and everything you are focused on. 



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