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Legacy Business Mastery, or LBM, is a consulting service spearheaded by Mike Wheeler, a service industry expert with over 30 years of experience. LBM aims to give service business owners, such as HVAC, construction, or landscaping business owners, tailor-made programs and coaching to help boost their business(es) ahead of the competition. LBM is searching for anyone that wants to secure their business’s future while refining their business now. More often than not, business owners are forced to put extensive hours into their work, leaving little time for the important parts of life, like family, friends, and faith. Over the many years Mike has been in business, he has been constantly looking for ways to improve and further his business while maintaining the freedom he needs to spend time with loved ones. Now, he hopes to show others that growing a business to over 6-7 figures a year in revenue doesn’t require back-breaking, stress-inducing, round-the-clock work. LBM prides itself as being a moldable service, changing how WE work to best fit YOU. Each of our services is made to change, with base outlines to provide structure and an extensive backlog of training templates and scripts to fit almost any anticipated problem. If we don’t have something prepared that totally fixes your problem, or something unanticipated happens, we’ll work directly with you to create something new and effective.

Our Legacy is rooted in the creation of your own

How we started

LBM started, as most things do, as a thought. Mike was at a seminar with his brothers learning about the processes of buying and selling small businesses when he had a realization. The speaker, that Mike had been paying so close attention to, was providing golden nuggets of information, but each nugget of information was based on something the speaker had learned earlier in his career. This made Mike start to think about what he had learned over all of his years in the service industry. He began to realize that he had an opportunity laid out ahead of him, that he could help business owners avoid all of the challenges that he had to face on the rise to the top. So Mike set out to learn as much as he could about consulting and coaching, learning from experts while adding his own personal spin. Mike created Legacy Business Mastery with a team of specialists, seeking to better analyze and progress service businesses uses Mike’s tailor made processes and procedures.

Where we're heading

As a company, Legacy Business Mastery was formed to assist anyone who needs our services. Currently, LBM is made up of a small team who operates all of the companies facets. We plan on expanding our team to be able to further provide as much of our support as possible. Our company is devoted to being available as possible, so with more hands on deck - the more sercives we can offer to you. Currently we are planning on expanding our programs to not only more service business types, but also more general business models. We want to stretch our programs to cover as much of the market as possible, so in-turn more of you can find support through LBM. Many hours goes into the research of different tools that can bring you quick and accesible outcomes without the hassle of extensive searching of what suits your needs. This process is growing everyday so a large catalogue of programs and softwares will be at your finger tips when needed. Here at Legacy Business Mastery we pride ourselves in the effort and devotion we put into each and every individual who seeks help through us. We want nothing but a low-stress yet highly successful lifestyle for all of our customers, so any and all needs will be met with maximum efficiency. Our success is linked to the every expanding gears of your own business. 


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