What is Legacy Business Mastery?

Legacy Business Mastery, or LBM, is a consulting service spearheaded by Mike Wheeler, a service industry expert with over 30 years of experience. LBM aims to give service business owners, such as HVAC, construction, or landscaping business owners, tailor-made programs and coaching to help boost their business(es) ahead of the competition. LBM is searching for anyone that wants to secure their business’s future while refining their business now. More often than not, business owners are forced to put extensive hours into their work, leaving little time for the important parts of life, like family, friends, and faith. Over the many years Mike has been in business, he has been constantly looking for ways to improve and further his business while maintaining the freedom he needs to spend time with loved ones. Now, he hopes to show others that growing a business to over 6-7 figures a year in revenue doesn’t require back-breaking, stress-inducing, round-the-clock work. 

Meet the team

At Legacy Business Mastery, we're made up of a small team and our CEO Micheal Wheeler. As a team, we are determined on doing everything in our ability to making your life as a business owner less overwhelming, and just more comfortable overall. We care dearly of our customers and want to see nothing but greatness comes from everyone we get the opportunity to lend our hands to. We are devoted to tailoring our help to your specific needs as a business owner, so in turn, you can have an overall more positive, comfortable, and enriching life as a business owner. If you would like to learn more about our team members, click the button below!




1305 Argillite Rd

Flatwoods, KY 41139

​​Tel: (606) 232-0350


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